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Services that are Tailor-Made for your Business

We not only provide you with the right telecommunications to suit your business needs, we also supply and install the latest technology, always keeping you up to date with your communications.  No matter what your connectivity needs are, we have you covered.

Broadband Connectivity

From cost-effective Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Lines (ADSL) to lightning fast fibre connections, we have a broadband connectivity solution for businesses large and small. For optimum convenience, we can even assist with mobile internet solutions.

Unified Communications

Let us help you stay connected with a customised connectivity solution tailored specifically for your business. Don’t opt for a packaged deal when there is something perfect for your needs waiting.  Whether you are interested in VOIP, live messaging and chat, or a mobile solution so you can be connected no matter where you are - get in touch.

Cloud Services

No matter the size or budget, we have a cloud solution for you.  With our public cloud, you can scale up or down as you wish, or if you would like architecture that is dedicated to you, there is the private cloud option. A hybrid cloud solution is also popular for businesses who have requirements that don’t fit into the public cloud model.

Hosted Services

Hosted services are the way of the future. These innovative services benefit companies of all sizes offering security, support, flexibility, customizability and the room for growth. Hosted services are a cost efficient method that allow your IT team to focus on building your business rather performing routine maintenance. Save time and money with hosted desktops, Office365 migrations, Microsoft Azure Packages, virtual private servers and other solutions.  We can even host your website to ensure there is no downtime.  

IT Maintenance

Most organisations are becoming increasingly dependent on their IT systems. Our IT support services give you the depth and qualifications that a full IT team can provide without the overhead of maintaining and training your own team.

Office Infrastructure

Whether you’re opening your first office or upgrading to a new space, Best4Net can provide you with physical office infrastructure you need; from hardware, laying cabling, to door entry security. Plus, we also provide decommissioning services to facilitate a smooth move out of the old space and into your new office.

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